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Rev. Dr. Munkh-Erdene (Mojic) Baldandorj

Pastor Mojic has become a Christian in December 1991 from being an athiest at his conversion. Professionally, he was trained as a registered nurse in Mongolia and practiced at a different hospitals in in the capital city. Being confronted with life and death situation at his work, he started questioning about the meaning of life and the purpose of being a human. All of these questions only led him to hopelessness of life.

After he heard the Gospel of Jesus for the first time in his life, he decided to visit a small group of believers at the next day. It was a small of group of nearly 20 young people, starting only a third church in Mongolia. 

That was the new beginning for his new life. He accepted Jesus as his Saviour at that meeting and gladly decided to follow Jesus for the rest of his life. It was a cold day of December, 1991.

Since that day, pastor Mojic is following the calling of God on his life by planting many local churches in many part of Mongolia. From 1998 to 2002, he and his family went to Sydney, Australia to get his undergraduate theological degree. Starting at Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC) was an eye-opening experience for his theological knowledge and mission-minded passion for church planting. 

 After returning from Australia, he started a Mobile Training Center in 2002 for training more leaders in countryside of Mongolia, and served at World Harvest Mission Church as a senior pastor. He was also involved in teaching at Union Bible Training Center for a number of years.


For many years, he and his wife, Munkhoo, were praying for Diaspora Mongolians. Their prayers were answered by God and the Lord called them to the next step of ministry, planting a church for Mongolians in Diaspora. 


Their family made a new move to the States. Arriving in Denver, CO in 2014, pastor Mojic with his family got involved in replanting a Mongolian church there and since 2018, he is teaching at a Mongolian class in Bay Area for training Mongolian believers at Gateway Seminary. 

He spent a few months at Redcliffe Mission College in England (2008) for deepening his understanding in cross-cultural mission, and then he studied at Denver Seminary (2017) for his MA in Leadership and Wesley Theological Seminary (2016, Washington, DC) for his DMin in Asian Leadership.

Currently, he is enrolled at Southwestern Baptist Theologilcal Seminary for a PhD program in World Christian Studies.

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