Leadership Training, Church Planting, and English Camp

Advance Class

Oakland, CA, USA

Mongolian immigrant churches in North America are booming in last few years.  Most believers are new in their faith and their Biblical knowledge have to be deepend.


In partnership with Gateway Seminary (former Golden Gate Theological Seminary), we started training emerging church leaders in West Coast of the USA through our Diploma in Christian Ministries program.

All classes are offered in Mongolian language.

From fall 2020, we plan to offer an advanced class for Diploma students (30 plus students), a new class for Certificate class and one ONLINe class for students from different locations, including Canada, UK, and East Coast of the USA.

Servant Leadership Center


Since 2002, we have been training many church leaders and lay-leaders in different parts of Mongolia. Most of leaders in countryside have never been able to attend any Bible school in cities. 


We offer them a week-long training for at least three or four times a year. After two years of training, we graduate our leaders from this practical and basic theological training and start new center in a new location. It is a strategic training for stimulating more new church plants in plains of Mongolia.

Currently, we are training over 40 leaders in South and North of Mongolia, four times a year.

If you have a teaching gift, please consider coming to Mongolia for teaching at our centers.


Inner Mongolian Leaders

It is estimated that over 5 million Mongolians live in China, and they are known as Inner Mongolians because politically they belong to China.


However, both ethnically and culturally, we are a same family and we speak same language.

Because the Gospel work is banned in China, the Good News of salvation is hardly made known to many of them even today. Therefore, it is our passion to be involved in the gospel work among the Inner Mongolians.


Our involvement with local leaders is to train and mentor them in theological sound knowledge so that together we can make the Gospel known to thousands of Mongolians in China.

Church Planting in Bay Area, CA

Mongolians immigrant to many developed countries in recent years. America has become one of the most favorite destinations for attracting thousands of immigrants from Mongolia.

Although the official number varies, it is estimated that over 5000-6000 Mongolians live in Bay Area, CA. Currently, only 3 Mongolian Christian churches locate in San Francisco, Alameda, and Oakland.

Our hope and prayer motivate our family to move there to start planting more Mongolian churches in Walnut Creek and San Jose, CA.

Click here to get more information about our church planting ministry in the USA through NAMB.

Evangelism through English Camp

Mongolia is young nation with nearly 70% of the population is under 35 years of age. Young people in Mongolia keen to learn new languages, including English.

We had our first English Camp in 2019, partnering with many Canadian Chinese churches and saw many young people gave their lives to Jesus after a three-day camp near the capital city.

It was very effective way of building long-lasting friendship with attendees and most importantly, it was a such joy to see many of them came to Christ.

We partner with CCCOWE, Canada for this project and if your church would like to jump in, please let us know your interest.

Come and join us to save many more young lives in Mongolia.


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